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An idea for distributed (peer-to-peer) searching by semantics, with a slight demo. A simple way to find that email you once wrote about such-and-such. Another way to think about organizing your personal infospace. Glimpses of the future?

This Hubble image of the Little Ghost nebula is keen. Who sez science ain't pretty?

They tell me I'm John Adams. Not very electable these days, I'm afraid -- and famous mostly for scandals. (Aren't all presidents?) But he liked to be right, which I can't say is a bad thing. (If you can, well, 8-P to you!) So, which founding father are you? (via -- Blogdex!)

I fear this is becoming the 'what Nate liked on Metafilter log', but -- if this ain't a mind tweak, I don't know what is! (Big graphics. But great illusions. Worth waiting some for.)


Emergency War Surgery is stuff I hope I never have to know too much about. But I'm glad it's online. Very informative, and made out of text (urrah! urrah!). (via Metafilter)

This tree of life is one of my favorite images from the Fractalus '99 Fractal Art Contest. Get a fast connection and gorge your eyes. I promise you'll thank me. (via Metafilter)

Two things we need more of in our day and age, together at last: Self-Sufficiency in Style. The site features loads of information with succinct and salient editorializing. (via Metafilter)


N.B.: Cookin' with Google brings up a lot of good stuff when asked for 'buttermilk mushrooms chicken', but it does not find what I made the other week: Chicken Stroganoff in Desperate Student Sauce. I had a sharp craving, and, lacking sour cream, made the sauce with a roux, two cups of buttermilk, and a small bit of provolone cheese instead. Turned out marvelous. 'Specially since the onion and muchrooms were saute├ęd in real butter. Real butter is a miracle of God's creation. It may put me on the poorhouse, but I'm kissing margarine goodbye.

Cookin' with Google. Name what's in your fridge or what you feel like buying, select 'general', 'vegetarian', or 'world cuisine', and you are two clicks away from usable recipies. A boon for starving students everywhere.


And in case politics is too small a field, the bravely civil and overinformed can expand their field to everything (v.2).

Web Page Design For Designers. 'Nuff said.

More great stuff posted rather late. Darn my eyes!

And here, courtesy of the Washington League of Women Voters, is a well-written and thorough guide to electoral systems. Fun stuff!

Neglected to mention that this is much more informative than anything the State of Washington puts up.

Wish I had known about Political Money Line earlier . . . ah, well, next time I'll be hip to who's in whose pocket. You will too, won't you?

These words have been rolling through my head ever since someone in my Gospels class brought them up two weeks ago. Watts is a fine hymn author. (Courtesy of cyberhymnal.org.)

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