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Aaaand in case twelve-tone equal temperament has got you down, this rather technical article argues convincingly for 22-equal as the next step, sets forth what scales and chords would be harmonically intelligible therein, and proposes to unite this system with two scales of Indian music theory on a keyboard that my lil' fingers would be utterly unable to span. Fascinating reading, well worth beating your way through. (troubled HTML version)

And in case you have to play a J-random chord at the fifth fret without using your pinky . . . this online chord and scale finder is elegant indeed. There is also a piano version. (May need a rather fast connection -- it takes a full second here at the Y.)

It's a guitar! It's an insect! It's Chrysalis! And here's the part for nerds and poets.


Both Kilgore Trout's novels and the religion of Bokononism are whole-cloth creations of Kurt Vonnegut. Brilliant fictions, and hilariously insightful.


The Krazy Kat comic strip is widely (and justly) acclaimed as the high-water mark of the American comic page. Take a gander.

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