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Though I get suspicious when I see an announcement that some web page author is far ahead of all academic institutions (need I mention the Time Cube guy?), I'm intrigued by this page of fractal robot design. Aren't you?

Algorithmic creation of fantastic alphabets. I could waste soooo much time here!

On that subject, note that spam is ridiculously easy to detect by certain statistical methods. What are they, and what will they do to society? Click and read.

Notes to self about future email system: For a web-accessible, collecting, forwarding, clean, stable, and spam-hating mailbox, use MyRealBox or FastMail. Taking it onto my own machine? Run it by Zoƫ and into POPFile, both highly acclaimed. The former indexes all your incoming/outgoing mail so you don't have to recall what folder you put it in etc.; the latter learns what folders you like things put in and runs them in there accordingly. Both are, po-moemy, swellegant.

Chemotherapy will one day be a whole lot less sucky. Hurrah!

News flash: Persecuted Mormon scholar is a two-faced weenie after all. (PDF)

William Blake was an artist and writer of the first degree. Also, some say, a hypertext anticipator. Figuring him out might be easier with some help, though.

(BTW, the Blake archive (first link) is technically and editorially outstanding. There should be more online resources like it! You'll need a fast connection, though . . .)

A little talk about what OS/2 might have become and what Windows should be. (Both of these terms are trademarks, in case you care.)


BlogHog: weblogs.com meets an RSS reader in a weblication! This I will have to use.

Kabbalah Information Center is an interesting site. The world, as we understand it, is perceived through our senses. Kabbalah study purports, through meditation and active engagement with kabbalistic texts (not always agreement with them!) to help us develop spiritual sense organs to perceive the world to come.

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