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'This web site is designed to make all the primary texts pertinent to the life of Jesus available to anyone interested. Direct access to all gospels known to have been written within 200 years of Jesus' birth - every manuscript, in its original language and English translation, in print and online - can easily be obtained here.'


Utah newspapers are still soft. And that's why I think I'd rather have the NY Times or CS Monitor.


I just ordered a sample issue of the Christian Science Monitor. I think if I went and looked for a newspaper to subscribe to, this might be it. Their website offers loads of free content (including RSS feeds), I used to hear their shortwave broadcast on Dad's old ham radio, they have an impressive track record, and their title contains two of my favorite things!

MeetUp with people in your area who share a passion, a topic, or just an idea. Regular meetings in public venues, loosely organized via the Internet. Slick idea, if I say so myself.

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Hard-won technical knowledge, old rants, and broken links from 10 years ago. I should not have to explain this in the 21st century, but no, I do not actually believe the world is flat.