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Glueing things to other things just got a whollllle lot more precise!

Get free from hierarchical filesystems and the largely-meaningless structuring engendered thereby.

Get encomputerated and get Agent Frank to keep track of where I read what. Important, that.

Get re-enPalmified, and get Shadow Plan. Lots of connections to what I want to do with REP. Pay attention also to Pop and its cousin Linker.


A very complete doctrinal resource on Islam for y'all.

I do believe that we have no business worshipping any other God than God (the Father) (=Elohim=Eloah=Allah), though I confess to believe that His Son Yeshua haMeshiach is a God also, and so is the Holy Ghost; and I believe that Muhammed had substantial revelation from God to enlighten his people, though I don't believe that he restored the entire true religion or that he was the Seal of the Prophets. How close am I to being a Muslim, as defined by the Shahada? Maybe I could start a Reform Islam movement . . .

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