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Games: Durak: the strategy game. Egyptian Ratscrew.

Blog: Defective Yeti.


A minimal core for postnational government. Fascinating.

Mister Rogers (bio and discussion) (official site, with song lyrics) has died. Such a man -- so honest, simple, solid, and true -- will be sorely missed.


FavorMark.com includes just about the slickest online information management that I've seen in a while. Bookmarks, email addresses, memos, email. Simple, powerful interface. Ohh my goodness. Sign in to this every time I surf.


Loquacious, Quicktopic, or Zonkboard? Think, look, decide.

I/O/D Web Stalker is a browser I should try using, when I get to it (after I get to Opera).

Project Cool delivers a variety of cogent, concise information (e.g., on CSS, JavaScript, XML) that a budding webhead like me can use. Review it! Sitepoint provides this good guide to writing good pages. Learn how to make better use of META tags, too.

"Apart from England, I think the only country in the world which truly loves and understands Wodehouse is India. ... Wodehouse’s world may seem very far from contemporary Indian life, but that sensitivity to idiom and to the music of grammar are exactly what is so wonderful about him." Commentary on a favorite writer of my own.

Via MF, a few excellent newsfilters on science and technology, arts and letters, and cognitive science / development. And a few more papers of my own notice. Pravda, BBCi, People's Daily, Kyiv Post (requires registration, I'll see if I feel like it), New York Times, Washington Post.


Ito again. Excellent again. Read! Digest ideas and click through many links. When there's time, o' course.

Synaesthesia discussed. Fascinating. One of my favorite people is a grapheme / color synaesthete.

The dirt on batteries for semigeeks. This may help me explain why my shaver does what it does.

A pretty excellent story about the (gag! slang!) blogosphere: how a meme gets circulated as microcontent. I may have to start reading Joi Ito more often. The story does omit Daypop, bloxsom, LiveJournal, the emerging topic spaces (such as LazyWeb) that aggregate trackbacks and publish as RSS. OK, I'm whiny. It's a fine article.

NewsMonster surfs, reads RSSes, evaluates web-of-trust metrics, makes micropayments, folds into Mozilla, and is in beta. Check it out.

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