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Donald Rumsfeld, with proper formatting, is a poet the likes of R.D. Laing. Who knew?


http://www.disenchanted.com/ offers commentary columns every week. NetAlive.org: 'Far from the maddening crowds, a place to kick back and lead an intelligent discussion in peace. We respectfully ask the braindeads to stay outside.'

ámman îar is, as I recall, a really fine piece of conlanging. He used SIL's Shoebox program to keep all them words, grammar ideas, interlinears, and cultural notes in one place. It looks like quite the program. Wonder if Radio could be (in my lifetime) scripted to do the same things? Relevance of WordCruncher to either / both?

Off the topic: Not only is PHP really cool and probably the best way to script many things, it's free and well-integrated with Apache and MySQL. Future of the Web and such.


Among the treasures of Mark Rosenfeld's creations are the Cadhinor / Verdurian / Barakhinei languages. He has also written a very tight sound changer program to apply regular historical changes to lexicon files. Keen-o.


This man is the only warblog I will read. He knows his stuff. He is not blinded by ideology (I don't think.)

The Second Superpower is connected individuals who conscious of being citizens of the world. Intriguing essay.

The Word Parts Dictionary would be a lovely thing. So would one of those shirts that says 'Chicks dig scrawny pale guys' on it. But not for the same reasons.

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