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GlobalFreeloaders.com - The Worldwide Free Accommodation Network
GlobalFreeloaders.com allows you to get in touch with people in whose area you are traveling, or those who in your area are traveling (how's that for English syntax?), and arrange free accomodations, local tourguiding, or whatever. Brill.

The Choral Public Domain Library :: If you love something, set it free

The Choral Public Domain Library :: If you love something, set it free. Do I really need to tell you much, besides the title? Choir music, not under copyright restriction. (Duh.)

Jax RCFB Free Reed Musical Instruments Page

The Jax RCFB Free Reed Musical Instruments Page has a huge number of links and metalinks to information on accordion, concertina, and many other subjects (harmonica, alternate tunings, any sort of music that a free reed instrument might occur in). Cool beans, xiba ne tak?


Bawarchi -- Your Indian Cook
Bawarchi -- Your Indian Cook has recipies, tips, articles on medicinal spices, feast plans ... it's very very worth coming back to.


More email frippery
It would be nice to be able to send mail apparently from mailinator accounts. Well, welcome.to/mailto/ is out of business. Doesn't seem to be anything wrong with sendquickmail.com, but you do have to give an address when you register -- I'm cautious. Wonder if I could give it a mailinator address? If not, then a spamgourmet, in order to be able to reply. Could even set it at one message too many to see if it ever gets spammed. Mailtothefuture.com also requires a registration -- they have my BYU address and don't seem to have spammed me (they are Userland software, besides) -- but why take chances?

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