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Nuclear Monopoly
Nuclear Monopoly -- The Game of Senseless Real Estate Destruction. When regular Monopoly gets you down, try throwing in mushroom clouds, negotiations over weapons, fallout effects, and even technical failures. The add-on to the traditional Monopoly rules is small, but it'll make quite a difference in play.


Diplomacy (Wikipedia article) sounds fascinating. It really is Risk without the dice, and coalition-forming is the vital skill.

Fortune Cookies For Freedom

Fortune Cookies For Freedom are Eric S. Raymond's collection of quotables. Some are political, others zen-funny. Some are by him, most by others. And they're all here. Mmmm.


overheard on the London Underground
Ten best overheard remarks from various days this year. Some are dumb. Some are nasty. Many are surreal and cool, and a few actually made me laugh audibly. Most would make good food for a Markov-chain piece of randomness. Eavesdropping in public places, such as the Metro, is something I've been interested in before. Wonder what a shrink would say about that :-)

Update: Fed the whole page into a Markov chainer. It needs a pre-cull, but some bits were funny anyway. Highlights:

  • Monica Lewinsky has an idiot.
  • Peaches and Eliot, but he has struck again.
  • Be careful on your skittles.
  • Everyone claims he's nothing like the moral outrage and Mason's.
  • No. I am going to pave over the misfits.
  • Check out of society. Go figure.
  • Oh! Your bourgeoise sensibilities mean nothing more than Elvis.
  • Give me dirty looks.
  • Bob Dylan is above the kingdom with a dark, dark tunnel.
  • We were wearing curly wigs and will see.
  • Don't worry. Only the credible end up with the London Underground. Sweet relief from all depends on the rubbing.
  • Yeah, I'd string him up drinking.
  • Cold blows the papers at the accordian in them.


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