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Monopoly, the statistical way
Behold: an amazing page full of statistics for Monopoly players. Probability of landing on each spot, average income per opponent roll, expected number of opponent rolls to recoup incremental costs of improvement, and ananlysis of all of the above. The value of third houses, of Illinois Avenue, of the orange block. You too can be the most economical monopolist on the block. From boingboing via MF.


Oddpost: Personal Bayesian-filtered webmail, plus RSS
This may be a winner. Yes, it's $30 yearly. But they have paid good attention to a clean, fast interface (even if it only works in MSIE), they maintain individual filter files, they have an RSS reader built in, and they are awesome.


More music.
I neglected to mention that I heard John Mayer in someone's car recently, and was most impressed. He's got influences from country, Latin, jazz, disco. I also neglected to mention that I'm going to have to spend my Copious Free Time™ listening to samples on singers.com and umka.com.ua and writing reviews here. Lastly, I neglected to mention that the O Brother, Where Art Thou soundtrack is freakin' amazing. That is all, for now.

Music, music, music.

So at BYU Fall Fling I heard the band Anonymous play their unique style of 'Hawaiian Soft Rock,' a.k.a. 'lounge-core.' They were easily the best band out there. I will likely buy their CD. I mean, who needs to buy food anyway?

This summer I listened to Eva Cassidy a whole lot (Man, she's cool!), reveled in the eclectic but always masterful sounds of Enoch Train, and heard for the first time the intensely awesome piano jazz of Taylor Eigsti. That kid's got rhythm!

Now I've discovered the Contemporary A Capella Recording Awards, and am wondering how many of those folks sell through Primarily A Capella. And of course I salivate over lots of Ukrainian music on UMKA. What can I say? So much music -- so little cash.

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