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Games: Chess variants.
The Chess Variant Page has scrillions, some being recommended. Yes, it has Kriegspiel, and hexagonal boards, and games with dynamic boards for any number of players, and both Raumschach and Star Trek tridimensional chesses too.

Ain't it time scholarship got on the ball?

Problem: Dead-tree media are expensive. (Particularly when the engine of their ongoing existence is not the pursuit of knowledge, but the profit motive.) Solution: Self-archiving and open-access journals. News: Fosblog. Other links: via Peter Suber.

Cognitive architectures

The Magnificat proposal is a splendid look at what cognition may be. I've just read "A Gentle Introduction to Soar" (available from U of Michigan), which proposes a system with interesting analogies to Magnificat. I wonder if the components of working memory in Soar shouldn't have a level of activation, rather than just on or off. (Last year, it began to surprise me how often I looked at some phenomenon in linguistics and thought, 'But it isn't like that theory quite -- we humans have this multivalued logic going on, and we keep a certain number of cycles aside for the wacked-out possible alternate concepts that arise. We tolerate ambiguity but let options fade as they show less promise.) Now if I could learn more about Royal Skousen's analogical modeling, we'd be in like Flynn. I don't know what we'd be in, but we'd sure be in it.

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