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Personal Audio Computers
I'd seen people using iPods, read good reviews of Nomad products ... but you know what? The Neuros appears to have 'em smoked. MP3 recording, including the ability to transparently clip 20 seconds from a song on the radio and identify it later on the Net; FM broadcasting from the player; transparent syncing to a desktop computer; a clean interface; easy upgrades through replaceable 'backpacks'. Brilliant. I am amazed.

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat ...

... Please put some music in the old man's hat. Spurred by some thoughts of my own and by a question asked by my sister-in-law, I've put a Christmas Wishlist together. I reserve the right to modify it some. But whatever's on there already is all good. Case anyone reads this thing.


Language treats
I am, of late, entranced by Quechua and Basque. Lovely stuff.

Judee Sill

Via Metafilter, a collection of demos and other unorthodox recordings of Judee Sill. I believe I'd buy a couple CD-Rs just to have that around.

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