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Silva Rhetoricae
The Forest of Rhetoric probably contains everything I will ever need to know about classical rhetoric. Amazing. And written here at the Y.

Using PowerPoint Well (if you can't Not Use it at All)

Doc Searls sounds off on the good use of presentation software. Yes, there is some. PowerPoint will still make mind-numbingly dumb presentations unless coerced, but the speaker can actually get around that and not suck. Wonderful ideas from Searls, including some I hadn't been aware of (such as, "Stand to the Left of the Screen").

Try before you install

OpenSourceCMS provides foolproof opportunities to try out various free php/mysql CMSs. Very cool. I got there by looking at WordPress.

Operating System Mania

Some people work too much. Some people play too much. Some people run 55 operating systems on their PowerBook, which may be an example of both of the above.

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