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Niw Englisc
Niw Englisc is a hypothetical projection of Old English into modern times, with our sound shifts and grammatical changes, but without the mess of foreign vocabulary. Very concise and intriguing.

Libor Sztemon's Pages

I already referred you, I think, to Libor Sztemon regarding some Lord's Prayer translations. I neglected to mention that he has a whole lot of Slavic conlanging underway.

Transfer ink

Transfer ink is among many tasty amateur-scientific treats described here. Others: Foxhole radios (with detectors made usu. from razor blades), match-head rockets, micrometeoroid collecting, shrunken-head faking. Enjoy!

Recent Advances in the Reconstruction of Common Slavic (1971-1982)

Recent Advances in the Reconstruction of Common Slavic (1971-1982) is a very cool book, and one I'd like to have a look at. When I get back down to the Y I'll see if the good old HBLL has it.


Iron Curtains and Satin Sheets
A fascinating essay about the effects of the Cold War on love songs. (slithy popup!) What kind of music can express what you think when the aspiration to a suburban, middle-class, Leave-it-to-Beaver life runs headlong into the fact that you all could be gone in a matter of seconds? Great article, lots of telling examples.

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