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Free Sheet Music
I hope I haven't linked this before ... freesheetmusic.net is something else.

General Keyboards

With more tunings and scales available to musicians than ever before, some people are wondering how to key them in usable, learnable, logical ways.

Electronic Apocrypha

... and other goodies can be found in the Christian Classics Ethereal Library, upon which I stumbled while reading about apocrypha and pseudepigrapha. A very good contribution to the world.


Ekh Polnym-Polna Korobushka
Everybody's favorite Russian song—known as the Tetris song but actually titled Ekh Polnym-Polna Korobushka—is now online, with chords, balalaika fingerings, lyrics and translation, and tinny synth. Oh frabjous day!


Fractal software
A lot of people are using Ultra Fractal—'and not without good reason.'° It is impressively full-featured. Sometime I'll spend my copious free cash on it.

°(Ripper, Strangelove, Kubrick)

Foolish Games

Er, Silly Games, more like it. A nice collection of parlor, pen-and-paper, and other games. Have an especial gander at Wink. It's not the Wink I grew up with; the site pretty accurately calls it 'a Quaker war game, or [...] "Upset the Fruit Basket" meets Pro-Wrestling.' You also have to see the scans of actual games of Telephone Pictionary, including a gem in which 'Pack my box with five dozen liquor jugs' mutated into 'It is usually not a good idea to take out one's frustrations on a jack-in-the-box.'


Beyond the Fall
Time's photos of the Soviet bloc in the first decade after the Berlin Wall are striking. I haven't time to look through them all now, more's the pity.

Southern Recipies and Shape-note Singing

Both pretty interesting.

One-Party America

I haven't yet decided for myself that's it's this freakin' bad. But it may be. It's sure close. The 'security' measures emplaced since 9/11 are being expanded to infringe on rights in ways the U.S. has never countenanced and should not now. I lived in the former Soviet Union for two years. I am currently burning my way through The Gulag Archipelago. I am concerned by what I see.

Slave Oral History

The Library of Congress has published a collection of sound recordings of known former slaves. I must go give it a listen sometime.


Imperial Russia in Color
Triplets of photos, taken with RGB filters and intended to be projected together through the same filters, come down to us from Imperial Russia. Photoshop enthusiasts have figured how to reunite them into color JPEG. Beautiful. LOC has an online exhibit as well, and here's another enthusiast. (All links via MF, of course.)

Now I, being perverse, am having my own sort of fun with them. As though being color-separated, damaged in archive, scanned, Photoshopped, and posted to the web weren't bad enough ... I am downloading them, resizing and re-proportioning them, putting them through jpg2asc, copying them to Notepad, saving them, opening them in Word, putting them in tiny type sizes of Courier New, and laser-printing them. The results are sometimes quite compelling.

Technical notes on this: Set your 8.5" x 11" Yankee paper to half-inch margins all round, and 4-'pt'. Courier will fit 225 characters on the width. Need to look at possibility of using landscape mode for some, but I haven't worked out exactly how many characters wide this is. Use any photo editor to reproportion the photo as jpg2asc is naive -- it maps pixel-to-character and the aspect ratio goes. If you don't change the height, increase the width to 185% to compensate. Then shrink it as jpg2asc will reject images over 400 pixels wide or tall.

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