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More Mac Improvements
What makes OS X more usable? Ask Tog about interface improvements: Tab drawers, typed abbreviations, windowshading.

Davidic Chiasmus

I have not yet vetted Demke and Vanatter's site on Davidic Chiasmus for doctrinal orthodoxy, but it looks interesting. Their claim, in a nutshell, is that throughout the scriptures (and other prophetic texts) we are given chiasms with the same eleven themes in the same order (five pairs, with a Suffering Servant theme at the focal point; their summary). It's an interesting study and one I shall have to devote some of my Copious Free Time™ to.


The Missing Sync
... is an application that makes iTunes and Documents to Go and all much better for those of us who shun the Wintel borg.


Scripting Mac Applications in Perl
The Perl module Mac::Glue provides quite a lot of interesting possibilities to make Mac OS X behave in funky, hackish ways.

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