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Twelve Essential Jazz Mandolin Chords
Twelve Essential Jazz Mandolin Chords, for when I learn the mandolin in my Copious Free Time.™


Orson 'n' Me Agree This Time
On the topic of homosexual 'marriage', Orson Scott Card has fairly articulately said what I myself suspect about societal longevity and the importance of controlled sex. And he's said a mouthful about loyalty, democracy, social constructionism, and the role of religion, as well. Bless him.
You can't add a runway to an airport in America without years of carefully researched environmental impact statements. But you can radically reorder the fundamental social unit of society without political process or serious research.



Can't blame me
Well you can't blame me, says the media man;
Well I wasn't the one who came up with the plan,
And I just point my camera at what the people wanna see.
Man, it's a two way mirror, and you can't blame me.
Accuse me of living in a Tupperware container, I won't deny it; but I just heard this song, and several others by the same Jack Johnson, while I was buying groceries, and he is awesome. That's all.

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