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Ukrainian Thesaurus
This (text-only)Thesaurus has got a lot of terms I'd love to know. Mmm.

Funet Russian Archive

The archive features posters, MP3s, poems ... it's first class ex-Soviet propaganda, let me tell you. I love this thing.

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Dented Reality's AvantBlog will be a fine solution for me, as long as I use Blogger or until he adds some other functionality. He's active in the Blosxom world, which is to me a good sign. 'Course, there's got to be some way to sync a Palm memo to a text file that could automatically rsync to a blosxom install. Aaaanyway.


ASCII punctuation pronounced: "Every character has one or more names --- some formal, some concise, some silly." I went looking for this page while writing an email-address munger to demonstrate JavaScript string methods. I was specifically after the INTERCAL names, found here between U turn and U turn back (i.e., in square brackets).

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Hard-won technical knowledge, old rants, and broken links from 10 years ago. I should not have to explain this in the 21st century, but no, I do not actually believe the world is flat.