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The Diatonic Harmonica Reference ...
... found in this frameset is excellent: lucid, complete, not overbearing. Systematic ASCII-compatible tablatures, explanations of theory and technique, etc. etc. etc. Must learn to play blues harp. In particular, must learn to bend.


Low High Tech
I read about Amy Smith some time ago on MF, but didn't blog the link. I should have, so I've finally come back to finish the job. The main post, a New York Times article on a woman who invents portable, maintainable technologies to solve third-world problems, is very cool. She's got an improved design for a hammer mill, plastic beads that have the right thermal properties to make medical tests portable, and so on. Fascinating technology, admirable humanitarianism. Things like that make me believe in people after all. The MF thread contains several other links worth examining, too.

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