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Open-Access Medical Journal.
The Public Library of Science is an increasingly-respectable force in the world of freely-accessible peer-reviewed academic publishing. They are launching a journal this fall on medicine, to be respectably titled PLoS Medicine. Looking forward to it.

Connection Journey Guide

The searchable Polish Train Schedule is actually rather nice. And handy, since I'll be flying in to Warsaw and then need to get myself to Lviv overland.

Text-to-HTML: Markdown

Markdown ... I saw the link and thought, O boy, another special-purpose text-to-HTML munger with totally different conventions than all the other ones. But I gotta say, the fact appeals to me that it's primarily based on established conventions for plain-text email.


Bitlbee sits on your system and translates proprietary IM protocols and Jabber into IRC. Impressive, that; now I need to decide if I want to use an irc interface to the whole world, and, if so, which one. Xchat has a lot of fans, as does irssi.


In the Palm of your Hand: The Poet's Portable Workshop is very highly reviewed. The sample pages on Amazon look great as well: Lots of fine poems used to illustrate principles in an informal exposition. It's written for a target audience that's starting from scratch, but experienced poets keep saying they like it as well. Good stuff.


Answering Machine Fun!
This baby's classic. If the manager's 'office' didn't need a semiprofessionalish phone message, I'd be all over them. Nu, someday.

Why am I blogging dumb jokes, if I'm supposed to be in a death march on my VB project? I needed 'I'm Sorry, Dave. I can't do that' ... for an error message. Honest.


Spiritual Roots of Artistry
Just as 20-20 vision is helpless without light, so, in the wider world of the spirit, the "eyes of the understanding" must be quickened.

Quickened carries at least three strands of meaning—"to enliven, to hasten, to permeate." Careful introspection will show that there is no mental process that is not intensified by the subtle enlightening process described by the Prophet—"when you feel pure intelligence flowing into you" (Joseph Smith, Teachings [1976], 151). Not only are there "sudden strokes of ideas," the "first intimations," but also a brightening effect that enables us to see what we saw before, but now in quite literally a new light. The effects extend to the person as a whole—even his balance, coordination, and motor skills. In the understanding, light has to do with the clarifying of concepts and judgements (more than analytic proficiency), with the heightening of imagination (more than aimless fantasy), with the recovery and interweaving of memories (more than chance deliverances of the subconscious), and with the strivings and inspirings of creativity.

Truman G. Madsen, Five Classics, 311.

With modern dance teacher Cathy Black as one of the instructors, the classroom style was thoroughly inner game. For example, she had us play a mirroring game that showed us how fast our bodies learn complex activities when we keep Self 1 quiet. You can try it with a friend. Stand a few inches apart, choose a temporary leader, and, starting slowly, mirror the actions of the leader. You will find the game works best if you look into each other's eyes and not at the moving body parts. Within a few moments you will find yourselves so synchronized that the leadership can change from one to the other without your even knowing when the change occurred. You will find amazing subtlety in the simultaneity of your reflection. If you watch others play this game, you will see that everybody is a beautiful dancer when they lose themselves in someone else.
Clayne W. Robison, Beautiful Singing, 20.

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