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Google Blog
I wanted to learn how to make fried chicken. Didn't have a recipe to hand. But as I say, Google knows everything. In fact, the Google Blog itself provided the necessary insight. Warning: This recipe comes from the kitchen at Google; if you plan on frying less than 30 chickens at a time, you will have to reduce the quantities.


Dvorak Card Game
The Dvorak Card Game sounds like Nomic meets Mijik: The Dispersal. Write cards, play cards, counteract cards, have fun.

Lemko Slovnychok

Here is a nice little guide to decipher Transcarpathian dialect (or the Lemko language, probably close to the Rusyn language of Slovakia also) and produce more-standard Ukrainian. Fascinating!


Nuclear Preparation: "Protect and Survive"
So all the Cold War governments thought to write nice little pamphlets about what to do if their politicians do the unthinkable.

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