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TiddlyWiki and PHP
PhpTiddlyWiki has a tagline that claims that "it rocketh!" I'll second that. The original TiddlyWiki is a self-contained HTML/Javascript/CSS creation with an exceedingly snazzy interface for writing microcontent. The PHP version puts a database behind it so it's easier to save changes (at the expense of self-containedness). Neato beyond description.


Things you say when you're stupid ...
... like, for example, last night. I had already been asleep. Roommate comes in. Moves around, does stuff, I hear his retainer case click as he manipulates the hateful mouthplates (I haven't worn mine in ages, they'll hurt like bezoomny when I put them back in). I reach my own conclusions about the reason for the noise. Then I squint across the room until my myopic eyes can decipher the digits on one of our clocks. And I utter the most brilliant words of recent memory:

"Eleven thirty-two?! Boy, you's up early!"

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