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And Ukrainian Song Lyrics
Nicely written out, largely free of errors. (Better than I could do.) The site is simply called Nashe.


And More Apocrypha
Reliability unknown, but here's more.

Adam and Eve Apocrypha

So, a little background: I've been interested in apocrypha for a long time. And I started writing poetry a while back. So earlier this year, when I discovered R. H. Charles's translation of the Slavonic Life of Adam and Eve online, I was glad, and I began to versify it in loose Sapphic stanzas. (Yes, it's out of copyright.) I got four of them written, covering about a twentieth of the text. And I got busy and set it aside. Another project that's been on slow simmer is a ghazal-like poem on Enoch. So last Tuesday I attended the Poetaster Project for the first time, and we got to talking about scripturally-influenced poetry. Hebrew-style phrasing, echoes of Book of Mormon words, themes of Zion. Which prompted jokes about apocryphal poetry as well. So I figured next week I'll bring some. This led to a little web searching, which turned up the magnificent Adam and Eve Archive, which contains more interesting apocrypha than you can shake a stick at. (Not all of which is out of copyright, alas.) I will be reading that for a long, long time. Now if I could just get through to the Slavonic original!

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