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"Changed Priorities Ahead"
Greatly improved roadsigns are also brilliantly subversive. And I love them. We need a yellow-rhombus U.S. version now.

Cement Cuddlers

Cement Cuddlers, by Brutal Truth Toys, are probably no fun for kids. But they are delightfully subversive for grown-ups. I'm tempted to whup up a batch!

Rare earth magnets for fun and profit

Ferrofluids (colloidal suspensions of ferromagnetic particles) do beautiful things when magnetism, gravity, and surface tension duke it out.


Harvard Gazette: Academic turns city into a social experiment
What happens when you elect a philosopher and former rector as mayor of Bogotá? The pure genius of Antanas Mockus, that's what. Can we have him here in the States when they're done with him?


Marriage Systems
Brian Schwimmer of the University of Manitoba has compiled this extensive tutorial on Marriage Systems of various cultures. At last, a clear explanation of what a 'cross cousin' is, and what the kids would have been to one another if I had married my brother's wife's sister (aww how cute :-@). (That is, what they would have been genealogically, namely 'bilateral parallel cousins', not what they would have been socially, doubtless 'beastly'.)


Reflex (via MF) is an incredibly busy little game where you maneuver a bouncing ball to pick up gems by flipping mirrors around. Kiss your productivity goodbye.

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