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And Lingua Franca Nova (with others).
Meanwhile, among the (ever-increasing) number of modern pidgins we may count Lingua Franca Nova, which is quite nice. Larger than Toki Pona, more readable to us EuropAmericans than Ceqli (and more stable too), much less anglocentric than Earth Minimal, and still much smaller and simpler than the classical IAL attempts (Esperanto, Interlingua, Novial, Glosa, and the Latin revivals) and their offspring (Ido, Esperanto Sen Fleksio, and dozens of dull, minor Euroclones).

Lingua Franca (and a Tale of Two Red-Light Districts)

The archetypical trade pidgin, reconstructed for your pleasure by Alan D. Corré. See also his illuminating story.

The Healthy Alternative to Browser Text ...

... is sIFR, which does away with sucky rendering by using JavaScript to measure the area of the suckily-rendered text and Flash to construct an overlay of just that size in the font you actually wanted to use. Interesting.

Two-handed Tapping

The Chapman Stick is a fascinating instrument, something like an electric guitar with no body and ten strings, held vertically and played by tapping strings to the fretboard with both hands. Also freekin expensive. This page has two movies that explain and demonstrate, and I have to say it is pretty cool. The site also contains a quasi-astrological presentation of a new system of modes, which looks interesting but which I am having to read repeatedly to make sense of.

Jazz Quotes

Via SongTrellis.com, a great collection of Jazz Quotes. Some are pretty insightful. Some are quite amusing too.

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