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Minty MP3
For the do-it-yourself-er, Minty MP3 is an MP3 player that fits in an Altoids tin. Expect to spend circa $50, don't expect a lot of capacity, and you better already know how to solder. But this site has plans, tips, software and firmware, and hints on buying the hardware. The site points to a simpler plan or two for those slightly less solder-savvy.


Glosses (it's dot net) is a rather good blog with frequent references to Slavic things, including sometimes Old Russian texts and what have you. Mmmm, the Slavic languages are tasty. A fun read.


Early Indo-European Languages Online
Early Indo-European Languages Online is amazing! It's got extensive, professionally-done lessons in some of the coolest dead languages around. (Latin, Classical Greek, Koine Greek, Old Church Slavonic, Classical Armenian, Old Iranian, what did I forget? ... that's all of 'em.) Between learning to read Church Slavonic and practicing reading Russian literature, I could ... yeah right, like I have time between my classes to do all of this, become an excellent poet, learn the bayan, and find a wife. Nu, priorities are priorities, but I could split time among some hobbies, no?


Russian Library Online
Moshkob's Library is just spectacular. Nearly every book or author that I want to read in Russian is there: Gogol, Pushkin, Bulgakov, Solzhenitsyn, Tolstoy, they are all in there. Poetry, prose, modern, prewar, classic ... this, my friends, is drool-worthy.

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