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There are ways to manage your flow of tasks on a Palm, using Slap, Shadow Plan, and DateBk. Or you could try the very clever Life Balance.


I'm beta testing SongTrellis, and soon I'll want to start trying stuff out.

Strong Verse

'Poetry is meant to be understood, not decoded.'

For My Friends

Under consideration:

For My Box


Yay Hooray!

Yay Hooray! bills itself as 'Absolutely, positively the best site on the internet!' It is, simply, a forum / social news network in which experience gives you ability and responsibility. This is good. It's an answer to the absent-admin problem and to the spoilers-of-anarchy problem.

Compare to what I proposed to do to IPP about five years ago: Make you invest in the community in order to get ability. (The specifics were these: Anyone can anonymously write or edit a line, unless someone closes it to anonymous editing, or until a pseudonymous editor has at it it. Then anyone who's signed in can edit, pseudonymously, unless one of them closes it to pseudonymous editing, or until someone opts to edit with address. Then people can edit it but will have their email addresses exposed (suitably munged), unless/until one of them closes it to addressed editing. Then it's locked in. Need to figure out some way to require that the email address remain open and get checked, because abandoned addresses would nullify responsibility. So send other emails: let the user keep a watchlist that gets emailed, or suspend such edits until user clicks a link in an email sent to that address, or just require that a user validate their associated address once every quarter.)

Thingster Overview

Thingster is about blog-style attention management oriented to place. Very interesting.

And a Pedantic Quibble

I hate to read 'You must login to this computer to use its resources'. The verb is log in, a verb with a particle, meaning to enter with your entry being recorded in a log. Whereas login is a noun, usable as a modifier (login password etc.). Even 'log into this computer' would more resemble basic literacy. Likewise log out versus logout.

OK, I'm done. That's been driving me nuts.

Camp Fasola

So I got interested in—

You're going, 'What the heck is up with all these posts?!' The simple answer is that I'm cleaning up my open web browsers so I can restart my system with a few ... enhancements. So all the stuff I had open is now getting blogged for your amusement.

Anyway, I got interested in shape-note singing. Wikipedia has excellent articles on Sacred Harp, Southern Harmony, and Christian Harmony. And there are songbooks online. But to learn it you really have to do it.

Russian Music

I do like the songMoe Serdce (mentioned in a previous post). Maybe I'll buy it with my copious spare cash.

macosxhints - 10.3: Print to a remote CUPS server

Even Apple goofs. They improved security in Jaguar by shadowing the password file. In process, they broke authentication for the CUPS (Common Unix Printing System) web interface. And their Printer Setup Utility is for dummy-heads and cannot do things like set to 'raw'. And without that, I cannot properly print from my Mac, over the network, to the USB printer attached to my roommate's Linux box, because both ends are trying to render the page and only one of them can do it. Grr.

If Printer Setup were full-functioned, or if I wanted to seriously jank my security, all would be well. But if I leave my security in place, I have to use third-party system utilities and this handy guide to getting your printer set up. Bad Apple! Bad!

MPR: Radio Listening: 89.3 The Current

Minnesota Public Radio continues to amaze me. Here's The Current, a show that escapes the musclebound condition of genre radio by just playing stuff that's good.

Face Perception

From the BBC, a short quiz about faces you find attractive and whether they are introverted or extroverted. It says I like extroverts.

Recipe time!

Fried Eggplant with Yogurt looks delicious. I was looking for eggplant batter recipes. Didn't do anything this fancy, though I did end up battering slices with some oregano, basil, rosemary, cayenne, ground pasilla pepper, and celery seed. 'Twas OK.

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