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Algorithmic Art
Somehow I neglected to blog Complexification when it was MetaFiltered several months ago. Beautiful artification of beautiful rigorous concepts.


Drool-worthy Slavic Books
Comrie and Corbett's The Slavonic Languages for a mostly-synchronic view, and Townsend and Janda's Common and Comparative Slavic Phonology and Inflection for a true diachronic survey, are both droolworthy. And highly recommended by people who know.


Span (and other Parrot-targeted languages)
I found Span once before, thought it cool, forgot where it was. Looked for it again, found it again, was sure I couldn't possibly forget about it this time. Dummy. The next time I went looking for it, instead of getting the keen Smalltalk-philosophy-meets-C-vocabulary lang I was looking for, I came up with Jako and Cola, tiny little languages for Parrot resembling, respectively, simple Perl and simple C#. At that point I rather began to doubt my sanity, or at least my Googling skills (the two being increasingly hard to disambiguate with each passing day). But I found it. And it's pretty neat.

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