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Traffic Observations
(via MonkeyFilter) This article describes the truth about traffic jams and what one person can do about them. It is the truth. The fact is, we have learned an astonishing number of falsehoods about proper driving practice from our own irrational brains and from social modeling. If you think clearly about it, you can see that many typical behaviors are not profitable, and hazardous to others as well as yourself. (If you know some physics and can calculate how potential energy changes with velocity and why they post such low limits on curves, more power to you.) Get as far ahead as you can before you stop or slow? Perpetuates jams. Get a few cars ahead of where you were? Doesn't make a difference. Drive a little faster (or a lot faster) than average traffic? You're gaining nothing, and causing problems. Drive like a pro, and things get nice fast.

I swear, if this were somewhere where people understood cooperation, we'd have local-area-synchronizing radio-connected cruise control by now. And computer-driven on-dash lane-use suggestions.

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