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Aaaaaaaand Find-a-Human
This and the last three posts are all via Slacker Manager. Find-a-Human is a list of companies you might want to contact and ways to get out of their voicemail system and talk to a brain-bearing, relatively hairless anthropoid who might have the knowledge, the will, and the authority to do something for you.

You and I know, of course, that in the vast majority of cases people who answer phones are, in fact, paid to be irresponsible. That is, they are paid to take the call, gloss over the problem, and prevent any irritating external stimulus from causing their organization to change. In many cases they lack either the knowledge or the authority, or both. I suspect that the business world is even now working on ways to legally extract the will to serve from 'service' representatives during working hours.

Whenever I hear the word "service," I wonder who's getting screwed.
Tom Joad, The Grapes of Wrath, John Steinbeck

Aaaand Online Word Processing

Turns out browsers these days are studly enough to support an adequate, optionally-collaborative word processor without a download. And it speaks the accursed Word format, for those who need to interact with the unwashed.

Online Calendars

Kiko is a web-based calendar that appears not to suck. Unlike many. Especially, unlike anything owned by a big name. (Yahoo, anyone?) It doesn't look as flexible as the original classic Pyra application; but then, what is? I might sign me on up.

Idea Association: The HipBone Game

The HipBone Game is a collaborative idea-sharing process. The board is a connected graph; to move, place an idea (or, more particularly, expression(s) of an idea) upon nodes in that graph, and then explain how the idea relates to those that sit on neighboring nodes. Fascinating prospects for solo and group work.


Leonardo is a personal (password-protected) wiki and a weblog (with Atom feed), written in Python. Probably worth looking into.


Lifehacker provides a tutorial on setting up remote access to your computer via VNC. Both the Mac and the irritating side are covered.


Iota and Jot: Minimal Functional Programming
I believe I've discussed Unlambda before. I didn't, at the time, know about Iota and Jot—programming languages consisting of two tokens each, but with the syntax and semantics of lambda calculus. Devilishly clever stuff, and stuff I shall have to look into.

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