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Sex = Species in the Little Fire Ant
Hymenoptera have interesting social patterns anyway, but this is truly bizarre. In Wasmannia auropunctata, the Little Fire Ant, the male and female gene pools have entirely separated. They only mix in the production of sterile workers, which means no propagation of any novel combination of male and female genes. It's as though genitals were self-propagating, and only needed to get together to grow host bodies. (Putting a whole new twist on the evolution of the genotype through the fitness of the phenotype.)

Triage and Medical Histories

I got curious about triage. Lots of good counsel turned up in a post on nielsenhayden.com, Triage for Fun and Profit. Don't miss the comment thread either; there are some important revisions to instructions and lots of other advice. I guess a preparedness-minded person ought to be packing a Sharpie and a dozen gloves at any given time. Wow.

If you've got fewer patients and more time, you might consider taking a medical history (scroll down for the convenient short form with the SAMPLE PQRST mnemonic).

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