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Moonshiner's Turn
Surprisingly, evasive driving techniques are not at all well covered by the all-knowing Internet. Books about them definitely are well covered, but actual electronic resources are rare. There is this e-text though. Hairpin turns, running off of roads, ramming, and modifications. Worth perusing.


Moved to Tears
I do not cry often. My soul will take all manner of abuse, disappointment, or shame without spilling over. Deeply, achingly beautiful art, though it is the finest thing I know, yields very little in the way of a visible response. Even the combined refinement and passion of Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have A Dream" speech, though it calls forth the greatest admiration I have, did not break me down. But for some reason, tonight, Jimi Hendrix's "The Star Spangled Banner" brought tears to my eyes.


Fear and Loathing in Wikipedia-Land
Michael White elucidates a lot of my concerns about Wikipedia: junk contributions, idiocy and illiteracy, webwide cloning, and lots and lots of plagiarism. I love Wikipedia because it's like hanging with the nerd crowd in high school: Wide-ranging information, freewheeling discussion. Unfortunately, it's still like being in high school: Minimal citations, marginal literacy, frequent eruptions of posers and thugs, and rotten food. Er, I mean prose style. Rotten prose style.

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