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So my Wikipedia wandering went from Nap to Non-aggression Pact, thence to Category:Treaties, then Moon Treaty, then L5 Group, Lagrangian Point, Lissajous Curve, Spirograph ... and thence to this site containing fractals, figures based on Fibonacci sequences, 3n+1 games, cellular automata, shape-packing through simulated annealing, and algorithmic solving of Sudoku puzzles. A great site, well-put-together, and worth your while.


Chervona Ruta
The lovely song's text and chords are here.
Chervonu rutu
ne shukaj vechoramy;
ty u mene yedyna, 
til'ky ty povir.
Bo tvoya vroda
to ye chystaya voda,
to ye bystraya voda
z synix hir.
P.S.: The autograph sheet music.

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