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Money Matters
Some rough language, but You Can Learn a Lot from a Rich Girl has, and links to, engaging anecdotes about learning to handle money. The author went homeless for three months to pay off a huge debt, and saved over $900 by burning $900 cash and sending the video with an obscene remark to a creditor. Crazy.

New Way to Write

Conceptual Calligraphy, or the Elian script, is an elegant variation of the old-fashioned pigpen cipher. Handywrite combines Gregg consonants with a full set of English phonetic vowels. Looks good. I'm not sure if also learning Gregg would be compatible with it, or if they'd get in one anothers' way. Don't miss the biographical sketch, in which the creator explains how he rode the rails and hitched across the country to visit the libraries he needed.


Bridging out of Jabber
To be brief, transports connect Jabber to other networks, and you can make them work with your Google Talk system.

Best Blogs You (Maybe) Aren't Reading

Title says it all. There are some good ones linked, including 3quarksdaily, which I compare to Notional Slurry.

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