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Guide to implementing independent reading
I found these guidelines for a classroom reading program easily when I was just noodling around looking for them. Of course, when I wanted to check details from them, I could not Google them up for love nor money. But I eventually got back to the site through sheer bull-headedness. So I'm blogging it now so I don't forget. This combines independent reading with adult volunteers who conduct a short interview about the book in order to check understanding and increase interest. By the way, my use of the phrase 'Google them up' is neither in intent nor in effect a dilution of Google's trademark. I did in fact mean 'to locate something by skilful use of the wonderful, near-telepathic search technology deployed by Google, Inc.' and nothing else. If I had used Yahoo or Altavista or Metacrawler, I would have phrased it differently. It's a friggin' endorsement, not a dilution. Now, for the morons who say it to describe, e.g., ransacking one's bedroom in search of an object ... heh. I only wish Google Bedroom Search were out of alpha.

Jaime Escalante Math Program

I don't know if he stood to write it, but you can be sure he delivers the goods on a justly famous educational program. Jaime Escalante is one hard-core educator.

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