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3D Computer-Aided Modeling in Sugar
I know exactly who I would send this awesome link to, except he was killed by lightning a couple weeks ago, so I'll post it here, instead. Josh Reed, if they have Internet access where you are, and if you read my blog, check out these guys who built a 3D modeler that prints shapes with hot air in sugar!


Harlan Ellison Interviewed by the Onion
I love Harlan Ellison. I love the way he absolutely erupts with what needs to be said. With intelligence, with history, with social critique, with the courage to judge taste (see also) when the idiot masses no longer believe in it. He's also vulgar and spiteful and profane, but I'll let him have those if he keeps fighting the good fight against the vulgar, spiteful, profane tyranny of populist morons.

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